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The Taxman Cometh

Are you being audited? Did you receive a nice little brown envelope in the mail notifying you of a tax audit? This can be a stressful situation. You are probably very busy in your everyday life and who has time for this nonsense, right? However, this is not something to put on the back burner. You are better to deal with a tax audit head on. If you are too busy with your work and / or don’t feel comfortable with the tax audit process, you should hire Tax Doctors Canada to reduce your stress and assure yourself of the best possible outcome against the CRA. Tax Doctors Canada will reduce your stress and help ensure a positive outcome for your tax audit.

There are a few tax audit processes.  There is an initial review, desk audit, field audit and criminal investigation.  The initial tax audit review ensures the tax return is mathematically correct and all the information slips have been included.  For example, CRA will ensure that all the T4’s and T5’s have been included. If this looks fine, then a notice of assessment will be issued.  After this, CRA may perform a desk audit.  CRA may request supporting documentation for certain tax credits or tax deductions.  They will usually provide a certain time frame to respond.  If you don’t respond, CRA will remove the tax credit or tax deduction.  The next tax audit level is a field audit.  The tax auditor, will show up at our place of work and want to review supporting documentation for certain transactions such as the following:  bank statements to check deposits, invoices to substantiate expenses etc.  Now, if you have been really taking reckless liberties with your tax returns, made mistakes with self filing or received incompetent professional advise, the CRA has a criminal investigations unit.  The CRA will get this department involved when criminal charges may be laid, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Tax evasion penalties can be severe.

The CRA will select taxpayer files that have a higher probability of finding some irregularities and receiving a positive return on their audit hours at your expense.  There is no sense in wasting tax audit time on a taxpayer with a T4 when they can be tax auditing someone with offshore investments.  Hopefully you don’t get tax audited; however, if you do, call the accounting pros at Tax Doctors Canada. Tax Doctors Canada has an extensive and outstanding record of success helping our clients (business and personal) defend against CRA tax audits.

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