Back Taxes: The Objection Process and Tax court

What to do if you Disagree?

If you receive a notice of assessment and you disagree with the tax calculation, you will need to file a notice of objection.  There is a deadline for filing the notice of objection.  You will need to file the notice of objection by the later of 90 days from the notice of assessment or one year from the due date of the tax return.  You can send a letter to the Chief of Appeals in your tax office.

The collection process stops when the taxpayer files a notice of objection.  If the taxpayer is successful during the appeal process, no additional interest on back taxes will be payable.  However, if they are unsuccessful, they must pay the additional taxes, plus any interest on the outstanding back tax amount.  So, you may want to pay all or some of the back tax balance if you think the objection process is going to take a long time.  The back tax interest charge if you lose can be substantial.

If the notice of objection does not provide the desired result, you can always appeal to the Tax Court of Canada.  It can be helpful to get an impartial review of your tax case.  Sometimes with the tax audit and appeals process emotions can get involved and the auditor / appeals officer may not be accommodating.

It is prudent to have professional representation when you file your notice of objection with CRA. The accountants at Tax Doctors Canada have great experience and success representing clients against the CRA through the objection process. With Tax Doctors Canada in your corner, you can be assured that your best interests will be protected at all times and your savings will be maximized

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