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Non-Resident tax services for Canada

Many people are working abroad today. Working in another country or non-residents working in Canada have accompanying tax issues. If you are a non-resident in Canada with tax return requirements, Tax Doctors can help. We can solve all your Canadian non-resident tax needs.

A very common tax situation for non-residents is owning rental property in Canada. What are the tax implications of owning real estate and renting it? Should the payor / agent be withholding tax from the payments to the non-resident? What is the tax rate on the rental income? Are there any elections to file that will lower your taxes payable? What are the deadlines for filing the tax returns and other withholding tax documentation. If the non-resident sells the property, what are the tax planning procedures to reduce your taxes payable? There are a myriad of tax pitfalls waiting for the ill prepared.

What are the tax implications of non-residents working or carrying on business in Canada? Are there penalties for non-compliance? Is there a way to reduce the tax you pay or reduce the risk of penalties being applied? Do you have to file a Canadian tax return?

Whether you are an employee working in Canada or a business owner carrying on business in Canada you may have a tax liability. Tax Doctors Canada can help you manage your tax risk so you can can focus on increasing your profit.

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