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Tired of low end cookie cutter or uncaring monolithic tax filing help that does not maximize your tax returns?

We are certified accountants and financial planners who are passionate about improving your entire financial position. Tax Doctors Canada has experienced accounting professionals ready to expertly prepare your tax filing and tax planning needs with exceptional personalized services and very affordable rates. When you succeed we succeed! This is our personal commitment to each and every one of our clients.

If you are in the highest tax bracket, approximately half of your hard earned money is going to the government coffers. Why not keep your money in your pocket!!! If you miss a deduction or tax credit you could be missing thousands of dollars EACH year on your tax returns. Why do your tax preparation and tax planning yourself when a professional can do your personal income tax and even save you money! Much of the time, the savings from the financial advice exceed the fees to prepare the tax return.

We can give you both tax and wealth management advice. A portion of everyone’s financial plan is indeed your personal income tax. We are trained in other important areas of your financial planning needs as well.

Why not seek advice from someone that is trained in many areas of the financial wealth management process to help you with your income tax return? All aspects of your wealth management plan is intertwined. Isolating one area of your wealth goal can result in sub par wealth management performance. A financial advisor that is knowledgeable in many financial service areas will result in a synergistic effect and allow you to grow financially.

Are you spending a lot of your valuable time and money hiring several different financial advisers (i.e. accountant, insurance agent, investment advisor, mortgage agent)? Why do that when you can get all of your financial services at one location? Tax Doctors Canada in close association with our parent company, GTA Wealth Management Inc., can handle all of these financial services for you! We are a one stop shop for all your financial services needs.

It is time efficient and cost effective to have one financial services company perform all your tax filings, tax planning and other financial services for you. No more wasting your time with four or more separate financial advisors with multiple appointments and costly service fees that multiply. You don’t have to waste your time going to four or five different appointments with multiple financial advisers. It makes sense to choose Tax Doctors Canada and parent company, GTA Wealth Management Inc., where you will receive more comprehensive financial advice from one financial advisor who is knowledgeable in all areas of your wealth management plan.

What are you waiting for? Contact or call the Tax Doctors toll free at 1 855 TAX DOCS (855 829 3627) for your tax preparation and tax planning. For complete financial planning and financial services (Investments, Insurance, Mortgages etc.) please consider contacting our parent company GTA Wealth Management Inc. or request a referral with your Tax Doctors representative.

Personal Income Tax Return

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