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Do you have unpaid taxes or the need to file personal and / or business back taxes? Have you not declared all your taxable income? Have you deducted ineligible expenses? Have you not remitted your GST/HST collected? Was your tax return filed incorrectly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tax Doctors Canada can help you with your back tax filing or any other tax issues.

There is a program with the Canada Revenue Agency that allows taxpayers to “come clean” and correct any omitted or incorrect tax information. In certain situations, you can avoid prosecution and interest and penalties. Remember, tax evasion is a criminal offense but if you volunteer the information you may avoid penalties, interest and, the most important thing, criminal prosecution. Let Tax Doctors Canada help you efficiently get your tax issues sorted out to your advantage.

Defending tax audits and back tax claims from a position of proper accounting practices is the key to success against tax audits and back tax claims giving you tax security. The professional tax accountants are experts at applying the best in accounting practices for personal and business requirements and have a long industry leading reputation for sucessfully defending against tax audits and back tax claims by the CRA. You are in safe hands with Tax Doctors Canada! Many happy clients have benefited from our back tax services.

Do not hesitate any longer, get rid of your back tax problems and save money on your taxes. call toll free at 1 855 TAX DOCS (855 829 3627) or use our convenient contact web form on this page for a free no obligation consultation regarding all your back tax filing needs. The professional accountants at Tax Doctors Canada can negotiate a settlement for you with the tax department and possibly save you interest, penalties and prosecution. We have four locations in Mississauga, Toronto and Markham to serve you.

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