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Tax Doctors Canada Case Studies

Tax Doctors Canada Case Studies

Tax Doctors Canada and GTA Wealth Management have been helping people with their tax accounting, financial solutions and wealth management for over 25 years. Here are a series of tax preparation and tax planning success stories, which may one day be about you! Tax Doctors Canada provides Corporate, Small Business And Personal Tax Accounting Solutions.

Tax Doctors Canada has 3 office locations in (by appointment only) Toronto, Markham and Mississauga to serve you. You can also have one of our certified tax accountants assist you with your personal tax return requirements remotely from the comfort of your home utilizing Tax Doctors Canada's secure document transfer portal. We accept clients from Canada and worldwide.

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Two retired individuals came into to Tax Doctors Canada recently. They have been preparing their income tax returns by themselves. We analyzed their tax situation after preparing the tax returns to determine if there were any tax savings. Garry had missed a tax deduction on his tax return!...

Success in Tax Court. We represented a client (John) on an informal basis at Tax Court recently and saved John approximately $60,000. John had an interesting situation. John’s tax returns were audited for a number of years – about four years. He operated a small insurance business and enjoyed...

Ken was very behind in filing his tax returns – about 9 years behind for his corporate tax filing. He was behind in filing corporate tax, personal tax and Hst returns. Not a good situation to say the least. CRA started garnishing his wages and were going to put a lien on his house because Ken...