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Invest and Imagine!

GTA Wealth Management Inc. (the parent company of Tax Doctors Canada) can provide a FREE financial portfolio review for clients of Tax Doctors Canada. If you are interested, just make a request for a free financial portfolio review to your Tax Doctors Canada tax accountant and he will arrange a free no obligation consultation with a GTA Wealth Management financial adviser. Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity to make the most of your financial portfolio and help secure your future.

Interested in maximizing your financial position?

Interested in retiring early, paying less tax, reducing your debt, minimizing your risk a maximizing your wealth etc? Tired of dealing with the banks and their poorly trained staff? If you answered yes to the previous question, you have come to the right place. We specialize in wealth management. Wealth management is the process of integrating many facets of your financial situation in order to enhance your income and growth. Some of the more common areas are tax planning, tax efficient investment planning, financial services management, mutual funds, retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning, debt management, education planning etc..

Why not seek advice from someone that is trained in many areas of the wealth management process to help you with your personal financial situation? All aspects of your wealth management plan are interrelated. An financial wealth management advisor that is knowledgeable in many areas will result in a synergistic effect and allow you to grow financially. Individuals that have financial advisers create more wealth than individuals that do not have a financial advisor.

A quote from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada’s research report titled, The Value of Advice is as follows:

“The research samples we have studied have consistently shown that investors who work with financial advisors (advised investors) have more wealth and investible assets on average than those who do not (non-advised investors).” Source: The Value of Advice Report, Investment Funds Institute of Canada

One Company for All Your Financial services and Tax Accounting Needs

Are you spending a lot of your valuable time and money hiring several different advisors (i.e. tax accountant, insurance agent, investment advisor, mortgage agent)? Be efficient and hire an financial wealth management advisor that is well versed in many areas. Most people are busy and don’t have time to meet four different advisors and regurgitate their situation to each advisor. Why waste your time? We are independent wealth management financial advisors. We don’t work for one particular company (i.e. a bank) and consequently advocate ONLY their product. We can access many providers of insurance products, investment funds and lenders to ensure you get the best investments, insurance and mortgage products so you can increase your wealth. We are also knowledgeable in taxation which has a pervasive effect on your wealth management strategies. Why would you use anybody else? It is time efficient and cost effective to have one company working holistically to perform all your tax filings, tax planning, investments, insurance and other financial services for you.

Request your free no obligation Financial Portfolio Review

No more wasting your time with four or more separate advisors with multiple appointments and costly service fees. The Tax Accountants and Financial Advisors at Tax Doctors Canada and GTA Wealth Management Inc. work in close coordination to best serve your financial portfolio.

Just request a free financial portfolio review to your Tax Doctors Canada tax accountant and he will arrange a free no obligation consultation with a GTA Wealth Management financial adviser. Make sure you investigate this opportunity to help secure your financial future.

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