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Tax Doctors Canada Case Studies

Tax Doctors Canada Case Studies

Tax Doctors Canada and GTA Wealth Management have been helping people with their tax accounting, financial solutions and wealth management for over 25 years. Here are a series of tax preparation and tax planning success stories, which may one day be about you! Tax Doctors Canada provides Corporate, Small Business And Personal Tax Accounting Solutions.

Tax Doctors Canada has 3 office locations in (by appointment only) Toronto, Markham and Mississauga to serve you. You can also have one of our certified tax accountants assist you with your personal tax return requirements remotely from the comfort of your home utilizing Tax Doctors Canada's secure document transfer portal. We accept clients from Canada and worldwide.

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Veronica is a vibrant woman in her early 60’s. She had approximately $800,000 invested in a variety of financial instruments, and owns her own corporation.

John was a very busy man operating his super market business. As many individuals do, he neglected to file corporate income tax returns and payroll remittances for about four years. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was not impressed with John. CRA sent numerous letters to John reminding him of his...

Karley and Steve are a happily married couple. Steve was self-employed, but had a income tax liability associated with his self-employment. When the RSP deadline date was approaching, Steve came to see the tax accounting professionals at Tax Doctors Canada. After assessing Steve’s specific...

A client showed up at Tax Doctors Canada. From the onset, one could see that the client was in deep distress. According to the CRA, Karen owed approximately $100,000 in back taxes!

The Gst / Hst new housing rebate provides a partial refund of the Gst / Hst paid on newly constructed houses that are used as a primary residence. The new home owner, however, has to meet certain criteria to receive the rebate and the government does audit tax payers’ situations. Ronald was...

Some people that we talk to at Tax Doctors Canada, state that they can do their tax returns by themselves with online tax software. However, our astute clients realize that there is much more to an income tax return than simply inputting numbers into a tax software package.