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The Tax Doctor provides great service and financial advice. In dealing with him over the past year he has been very responsive and flexible. His advice has been very helpful and I feel much better regarding my financial situation. I have recommended his services to others and will gladly continue doing so. Thank you Tax Doctor.

Thanks for helping me collect my child tax benefit of $5,662. We do really appreciate your effort. Good job.

Although missed by my previous accountant, you found me over $2,300 that I didn’t know I had. Every little bit helps! Thanks again.

Michelle and I want to thank you for your guidance and help with our taxes. We appreciate your effort in getting money back for us. The $8,000 refund was a nice surprise. Thanks.

Thank you fro saving an extra $1,000! You noticed that I was not deducting my vehicle costs. You prompted me to get the proper form from my employer so that I could deduct these costs. Thanks for the extra cash.

Thank you very much for picking up a credit that saved me $1,300. Thanks.

Thank you for helping us prepare my mother's estate and final tax returns. Also, thank you for correcting the prior years' returns and getting us back an additional $12,000

Thanks for correcting my prior years’ tax returns and getting me back $11,600 that I did not know I had.

I just wanted to say thanks again for your excellent work, and high standard of care, I am really impressed and feel confident recommending you to anyone who could benefit from your services. I will be sure to contact you for sound financial advice in the future!

I missed my Rsp deduction when I did my own tax return. The corrected my error and I got a big refund. Good attention to detail Tax Doctors

The tax department said I owed $30,000. Tax Doctors Canada talked to the tax department and the tax department changed their mind. Well worth what I spent to get the accountants to take care of this

I was going to do my own tax return. I met Tax Doctors and they noticed I had a large medical expnse that I missed. Save me a ton.


Sorry for the long-winded email. Thank you so much for your guidance. I have been wanting to find an advisor such as yourself for quite some time. It's a windfall that you can help us with our taxes too!! Much appreciated!


Thanks for saving me 25,000. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

I had an outstanding Hst balance and the auditor was calling me. Tax Doctors called the auditor and reduced my balance to zero. Awesome!

The last person that did my tax return missed a few things. Tax Doctors picked up more home office expenses that was missed in the past. I did alot of renovations and we deducted it. Great stuff!

I did my own tax returns for a number of years and I made a few mistakes. Because of my mistakes I owed a large balance and the tax department garnished my wage. Tax Doctors filed my outstanding returns and fixed my mistakes and the garnishment stopped! Thanks.