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George's case study: Problems with online tax filing

Advantages Of Getting Your Tax Accounting Done By A Certified Accountant

Some people that we talk to at Tax Doctors Canada, state that they can do their tax returns by themselves with online tax software. However, our astute clients realize that there is much more to an income tax return than simply inputting numbers into a tax software package. In our experience, the “tax software data entry option” is a viable option for someone with a T4. However, if your situation involves anything else, the “tax software data entry software option” could be less than optimal. For example, Tax Doctors Canada used to complete George’s income tax return. George opted to complete his own income tax return for a number of years using online tax software. During this time, his wife started a small day care business. However, after recently meeting with George, he indicated that he had made a few errors and is currently being tax audited. The error may cost George and his family thousands of dollars in income tax.

Problem free money saving income tax return service with Tax Doctors Canada!

George and his wife thought they were saving a few bucks by using online tax software. However, the penny smart pound foolish adage is applicable in this situation. In the end, the additional income tax bill and additional time to deal with the tax audit well exceeded the cost of having a tax professional complete the tax returns. The morale of the story is that it is better to pay a tax accountant at Tax Doctors Canada to prepare your income tax return to ensure you receive all the tax deductions and tax credits you are entitled too and save yourself from possible problems with the CRA.

Tax Planning Help

The tax accountants at Tax Doctors Canada can also review your tax planning to ensure a tax minimization strategy is incorporated; keeping your hard earned money in your pocket and not the government tax collector’s pocket. Remember, you work from January to June to pay the tax department, why not keep some of that cash in your pocket.

Tax Doctors Canada has 3 office locations in (by appointment only) in Toronto, Markham and Mississauga to serve you. You can also have one of our certified tax accountants assist you with your personal tax return requirements remotely from the comfort of your home utilizing Tax Doctors Canada's secure document transfer portal. We accept clients from Canada and worldwide.

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